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March 22, 2013

I’m the type of person that, when I really really like something, I have the tendency to sort of get obsessed and talk EVERYONE’S head off for about 3 weeks about it – literally, every person I know is like, “WE GET IT BRITTANY, PLEASE SHUT UP NOW.” Usually, this is because the information I am raving about isn’t particularly interesting to them because it’s not particularly relevant at that moment in time.

….but I need to talk about it. What can I say? I am a true creative…and, let’s face it, a human being (read: narcissist) who likes to share my thoughts and feelings with anyone who will listen.

So, eureka! Enter le blog – a place where people can come and “hear” my opinions and thoughts, ON THEIR TERMS! What a novel idea!!!!

Ok, sarcasm aside, I do sincerely love helping people in that I like giving them tips on really fantastic products or services and my experience with said products. Word of mouth helps everyone – business and consumer alike – so why not?

So, from now on, I’ll be raving about any given personal favorite of mine on here every Friday.

Today’s Fave is Walking With the Wise, an album produced by Sovereign Grace Music. I just literally cannot say enough good things about this album. And that’s a BIG deal given what it is – a kids’ worship album. (I’ll explain in a sec.)


The album’s thesis is Biblical wisdom (à la the book of Proverbs). A friend recommended it to me when it first came out, and I was hesitant because…well, quite truthfully, I detest children’s music. Nothing takes me from calm to “smash a kitten” faster than kids [badly] singing cheesy songs with a bunch of annoying sounds in the background to accompany them (which is what most kid songs are, if you’re honest.)

Well, not this one. For real.

First of all, all singing on the album is 1) on key and 2) normal. Not sugar-hyped rodent singing. So that gave the album a head start out of the gate, in my book. Also, it’s not just one track after the other of a mass of kids singing in a chaotic vocal free-for-all. There are different vocalists AND different song styles.  This may sound like I am pointing out stupid and/or obvious things – but, trust me, when it comes to kids music I am a severe critic. There are so many good, rare things about this album I want to make sure to include every positive nuance.

Next, this album is packed rich with sound Biblical truth. Obedience to God and parents, honesty, a diligent work ethic, the condition of man, the sovereignty of God…it’s all covered. The Five Solas – BAM. It’s all there. The more I listen to it, the more appreciative I am of how theologically rich and simultaneously straightforward the lyrics are.

Not only that, but it’s easy to understand, repetitive (which is excellent for kids), and it sticks. It’s not just something that is like, “Wow, that is profound and awesome and I love it” and then once you’re not listening to it anymore, it’s forgotten. I am a grown woman and there have been more times than I can count that I have literally been reminded of a track on the album and how it applies at that moment to my life. Also, I’ve been able to have numerous conversations with Piper already about songs on the album and how to apply them (e.g., “Piper, there are plenty of toys for all of us, so let’s share, okay? Remember the song we were singing earlier, about how God loves a generous heart? Sharing our toys is pleasing to God and loving to others.”)

My favorite songs are “A Good Friend,” “I Don’t Have To Hide,” “A Cheerful Heart,” and “A Generous Heart”. I know that is four out of thirteen, which is kind of a lot, but it’s almost impossible to pick one or two favorites because honestly every single track is unbelievably good.

“A Good Friend” is a great one for helping little ones remember and apply how to be just that – a good, Christ-like friend:

A friend will always think of others
A friend will overlook a wrong
A friend sticks closer than a brother
A friend is patient all along
Jesus, let me be the friend You are to me

A good friend, true friend
Here to help you through friend
Strong friend, kind friend
You can have what’s mine, friend
Best friend, sure friend
Humble and a pure friend
Lord, I wanna be a good friend

A friend will help me do the right things
A friend won’t lead me into sin
A friend will help me when I stumble
A friend will lift me up again
Jesus, help me find a friend who’ll make me wise 

Isn’t that AWESOME??? That’s Piper’s favorite and she already knows – and can sing- almost all the words! Nothing makes this mommy’s heart happy like my little girl loving, saying and applying Biblical truth.

“I Don’t Have to Hide” is awesome in that it teaches the importance of confessing sin instead of hiding it, which is what is instinctual – and contrasts how hiding sin hurts us and separates us from God, while confessing sin is liberating.

“I Don’t Have to Hide”

When I have done something 
I know I shouldn’t do 
And I’m tempted to hide it 
When I have spoken words 
I know I shouldn’t speak 
And I want to deny it 
If I confess my sins, I’ll find mercy 

Blessed is the one who fears the Lord 
And admits his sin 
Blessed is the one who trusts the Lord 
Who alone forgives 
Jesus died so I don’t have to hide anymore 

When I have taken something 
I know I shouldn’t take 
And I try to conceal it 
When I have disobeyed 
The rules my parents made 
I shouldn’t keep it a secret 
If I confess my sins, I’ll find mercy 

When we know we’re forgiven 
We don’t have to be afraid 
We’ll want to run from sin 
And follow Jesus every day

Mind blown, right? Right. It’s hard to believe it’s an album intended for young kids, when I find myself almost constantly saying, “I really needed to be reminded of that today.”

And, what parent won’t rejoice over their kid remembering and enjoying a song about willful, joyful obedience? “All Ears” talks about how it’s beneficial for kids to listen diligently to Mom and Dad:

I wanna be all ears when Mom is speaking 
All ears when Dad is teaching 
There’s a lot I don’t know 
And they’ve been around a whole lot of years 
And have covered some ground 
Their words will make me wise, so I’m all ears 

When my eyes are tempted to wander away 
I’ll be all ears 
When my mouth is jumping at something to say 
I’ll be all ears 
Even when it’s hard for me to hear

“A Cheerful Heart” and “A Generous Heart” talk about what each of those attributes of character looks like in application, and how God is the one who gives them to us – it doesn’t come from us.  “A Generous Heart” also talks in detail about how God is the most generous of all, and how this is proven in Jesus.

Thus far, this album has been one of the best theological parenting tools I’ve encountered…seriously. It’s also, again, been something that has been a constant reminder of the great truths that I need to hear on a regular basis as well. Great job, Sovereign Grace. Now can you make an album based on Romans? That’d be great. :)

Go get the album and/or find out more here.