September 21, 2013

This is a call to my fellow believers – the Gospel-loving, redeemed, Jesus-followers in the church.

I come to you in tears, petitioning you to join me in prayer for one of the saints.

Many of you know Carlyn and James Layton, who are best friends of Jared and I. We have known them for years, bought our home from them, and they are very close to us.

Many of you may not know, however, that Carlyn is expecting baby #4. She is about 29 weeks along right now.She went to an OB appointment earlier this week, where she received some very bad and very serious news. The baby is healthy – however, Carlyn was diagnosed with placenta accreta. Basically, what this means is that the placenta has attached to and grown into the scar tissue from her previous incision(s). This is, as James told us (he is a Dr.), THE most serious complication a mother can have.

Basically, the baby will have to be delivered early – around 34 weeks – via c-section, but it will be a very high risk, complicated surgery that requires a large team. They’ll have to do an incision somewhere other than the traditional place – since that is where the tissues have grown together – and removing the placenta from anything else it has grown to (the uterus, etc) will most likely require a full hysterectomy. There is a very high risk of hemorrhage and possible death.

You can imagine what the Laytons are thinking and feeling right now. It is a very stressful time already, with James working full-time as a pediatric anesthesiologist and being away from home often, and Carlyn caring for the other 3 young children (Luther, age 6; Pearl, age 5; Calvin, age 3) while having to be on full bed rest to avoid having contractions or put any stress or strain on her body, which could cause a uterine rupture and/or hemorrhage. They do not know a lot of people where they are living, and don’t have very many family members in or near the area either.

Words cannot express what this family means to me, and how they have impacted my life and the life of my family. In situations like this, when I am quick to fear and tremble with “What ifs,” I usually turn to Carlyn herself, who comforts me consistently with sound Biblical truth and encouragement and Scripture. She has been, more than anyone, the person who has taught me what it is to really trust God in His goodness and sovereignty in my life – every day.

So now, I will remember those encouragements of the past, and continue to cling to the truth of our God – His provision, His goodness, and His sovereign hand.

I urge you to join me in pleading with the Father on behalf of this family.

Of course, let us certainly pray that the surgery goes well – that He guides the hands of the surgical team; that there are no complications; and that Mommy and Baby are well and make a full recovery. It is my sincere hope and longing that this baby, like the other Layton babies, will be healthy, happy, and loved and cared for by James and Carlyn. But ultimately – and, at the encouragement of the Laytons, I’m sure -we will pray with thankfulness to a sovereign God, who we know loves his bride, the Church, and does what is best for her.

I have attached a few photos of the Laytons so that you can print them out, hang them on your fridge, share them via email/social media – please, gather other members of the body to pray for this sweet family.

Resting in the hope only Jesus can give,